Sankarshan Das utilizes his musical talents by sharing with listening audiences all over the world his unique genre of uplfiting, spiritually enlightening music. His song "The Peace Formula" was very much appreaciated by former US President Barack Obama.


Expert personal guidance on how one can advance spiritually all the way to perfectional state of spiritual enlightenmemt, the attainment of pure love of God.

We are here to serve you, to help you become spiritually enlightened, reconnected in a loving service relationship with that Supreme Person Who is the source of all existence, the father and  well-wishing friend of all living beings even the animals and plants. This will be the perfection of your existence.  You will be in a state of pure love and unlimited bliss.

Services Offered to You


Sankarshan Das regularly circles the globe enlightening and enliveng his audiences with transcendental knowledge, explaining to fascinated listeners the science of how they become perfect and how we can make the world perfect.

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